Sound Levels - DeciBels

The loudness of a sound is measured by the size of its vibrations.

A 20dB sound is ten times louder than a 10dB sound; a 30dB sound is 100 times louder

than that.

0dB Human minimum audibility

30dB Soft whisper at 5m

50dB Inside urban home

55dB Light traffic at 15m

60dB Conversion at 1m

85dB Pneumatic drill at 15m

90dB Heavy traffic at 15m

100dB Loud shout at 15m

105dB Aeroplane take-off at 600m

117dB Inside full-volume disco

120dB Aeroplane take-off at 60m

130dB Pain Threhold for humans

140dB Aeroplane take-off at 30m