Norse Gods and Myths


The gods stirps.


The home of the gods.


He represents light, advice, reconciliation, beauty, gentleness, reincarnation, wisdom, harmony, happiness. Balder will return from Hel after Ragnarok and will rule as one of the new Gods. His name means "The Bright One".


The god of poetry and eloquence. He was married to the goddess Iduna who dwelt in the underworld.


The monstrous wolf of the god Loki.


A god of justice. He is the son of Balder and Nanna and lives at Glitnir.


Freya (Freyja) is the goddess of love, fertility, war, and wealth. Originally one of the Vanir. She was the daughter of Njord, and the sister of Frey.


Freyr was Odin in another form as the god of rain, sunshine and fruits. He married Gredr.

Frigg, Frija

The goddess of marriage. She is thew ife of Odin, and lives at Fensalir. She weaved the clouds.


Heimdall was the watchman of the bridge, Bifrost, which led to the underworld.


Hel (Hela) was the Norse goddess of the underworld. She was a daughter of Loki and the giant Angurboda.

Hodur (Hod)

A son of Odin. The blind god of winter, who is tricked by Loki into killing Balder.


Iduna was the wife of Bragi. She kept golden apples in a box which the gods ate to keep themselves young.


He became a member of the Aesir when Odin made Loki his blood brother. His children are the Midgard serpent Jormungander, which girdles the Earth; the wolf Fenris; and Hela, goddess of death.


Like Hel a description for the underworld.


Njord is a sea god of fruitfulness who lives in Noa-tun. Father of Frey and Freya


The Norns were three sisters responsible for the destiny of individuals and gods: Urd (Past, Destiny), Werdandi (Present) and Skuld (Future)


Odin was chief god of Norse mythology. Originally storm god, then sky god; Tto equate with the greek-roman Zeus resp. Jupiter


The ultimate battle between good and evil from which a new order will come.


Thor was the son of Odin, the god of thunder and the main enemy of the giants, smashing their heads with his mighty hammer Mjollnir


The god of war and athletic sports.

Uli (Ulle)

The god of the chase, archery and hunting.


The paradise where the souls of dead warriors go to.


Sent by Odin into battle to select those who would go to Valhalla, lead by Freyja. Battle virgins, women trained in battle and war magic who would enter the fray with the warriors.


The god second in strength to Thor, and who would kill the wolf Fenris by wrentching the wolve's jaws asunder.


Woden was the Anglo-Saxon form of the name of the god called Odin by the Norse.


Yggdrasil is the oldest of all trees. It stands in the centre of the world and divides the planes.