Longest Rivers

Nile, Africa, 6,670

Amazon, S. America, 6,570

Mississippi-Missouri, US, 6,210

Yangtze, China, 5,520

Ob-Irtysh, Russia, 5,410

Rio La Plata, S. America, 4,700

(incl. Paraná)

Hwang Ho, China, 4,670

Congo, Africa, 4,670

Mekong, Asia, 4,500

Amur, Asia, 4,350

Lena, Russia, 4,290

Mackenzie, Canada, 4,240

Niger, Africa, 4,170

Yenisei River, Russia, 4,190

Numbers in different lexica differ greatly. So sometimes the lengths of confluents are counted to a river and sometimes not, for example. Numbers for Hwang Ho e.g. go from 4,672 to 5,464 km. Numbers written here are only up to 10 km exact in order to not pretend a great accuracy.