Collective Nouns

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Ambush: Tigers, Widows

Army: Soldiers, Frogs, Caterpillars

Assembly: People

Bale: Turtles

Band: Jays, Gorillas

Bank: Swans

Barren: Mules

Bask: Crocodiles

Batch, Caste: Bread

Bazaar: Murres

Bellowing: Bullfinches

Bench: Bishops, Magistrates

Bevy: Roe Deer, Quails, Larks, Pheasants, Ladies, Swans, Otters, Birds

Bloat: Hippopotamuses

Board: Directors

Bob: Seals

Bouquet: Pheasants

Brace: (a pair) Ducks

Brood: Chickens, Ducks, Pheasants

Building: Rooks

Bunch: Wigeon

Bundle: Rags

Bury: Rabbits

Business Ferrets

Cartload: Monkeys

Cast: Falcons, Hawks, Ferrets

Cete, Sett, Set: Badgers

Charm: Goldfinches, Hummingbirds

Chattering: Choughs, Goldfinches, Hummingbirds

Chine: Polecats

Clamour: Rooks

Clattering: Choughs

Cloud: Gnats

Clowder: Cats

Clump: Trees

Cluster: Grapes, Nuts, Stars, Cats

Clutch: Eggs

Clutter: Cats

Coil: Teal, Wigeon

Collection: Pictures, Curiosities

College: Cardinals

Colony: Gulls, Herons, Beavers, Rabbits, Frogs, Badgers, Rats, Seals, Penguins

Company: Wigeon, Moles

Congregation: People, Plovers, Birds

Convocation: Eagles

Coven: Witches

Covert: Coots

Covey: Grouse, Quail, Woodcock, Partridges, Ptarmigan

Crash: Rhinoceros, Seals

Crew: Sailors

Crowd: People

Cry: Hounds

Deceit, Desert: Lapwings

Descent: Woodpeckers

Destruction: (of wild) Cats

Den: Snakes

Dignity: Canons

Diligence: Messengers

Dissimulation: Birds

Dole: Doves, Turkeys

Doping: Sheldrake

Dopping: (diving) Ducks

Dout: (of wild) Cats

Down: Hares, Sheep

Drift: Swans, Swine

Drove: Horses, Cattle, Beasts, Kine, Hares, Ass, Donkeys, Sheep

Drum: Party of People, Goldfinches, Hummingbirds

Drunkship: Cobblers

Dule: Doves, Turkeys

Earth: Foxes

Erst: Bees

Exaltation: Larks

Fall: Woodcock

Family: Otters

Farrow: (of piglets)

Federation: Trade Unions

Fell: Hair

Fesnying: Ferrets

Field: Runners

Firm: Partners

Fleet: Ships

Flight: Bees, Birds, Stairs, Doves, Ducks, Woodcock, Pigeons

Flock: Birds, Sheep, Geese, Pheasants, Goats, Pigeons, Turkeys

Flourish: Strumpets

Flush: Mallards, Ducks

Fluther: Jellyfish

Fold: Sheep

Forest: Trees

Gaggle: Geese

Galaxy: Astronomers, Beauties

Gam: Whales

Game: Swans

Gang: Slaves, Prisoners, Thieves, Elk

Gathering: Clans

Glaring: Cats

Glozing: Taverners

Grist: Grain

Haggle: Shopkeepers

Harass: Horses

Harem: Seals

Haul: Fish In A Net

Head: Cattle

Herd: Ass, Boar, Cattle, Curlews, Deer, Donkeys, Elephants, Goats, Horses, Kangaroos,

Pigs, Sheep, Swans, Swine, Seals, Walrus, Whales, Wolves, Zebra

Hive: Bees

Host: Men, Angels, Sparrows

House: Senators

Hover: Crows, Trout

Hurtle: Sheep

Husk: Hares

Incredibility: Cuckolds

Kennel: Dogs, Hounds

Kindle: Kittens, Hares, Rabbits

Knob: Teal, Wigeon

Knot: Toads

Labour: Moles

Lead: Foxes

Leap: Leopards

Leash: (set of 3) Deer, Hares, Hawks, Plovers

Legion: "Foul Fiends"

Lepe: Leopards

Library: Books

Litter: Pigs, Whelps, Kittens, Dogs

Malapertness: Pedlars

Match: Nightingales

Menagerie: Wild Beasts

Mob: Roughs, Wild Cattle, Kangaroos

Movement: Moles

Multiplying: Husbands

Multitude: Men (In Law, More Than Ten)

Murder: Crows

Murmuration: Starlings

Muster: Peacocks, Penguins

Mutation: Thrushes

Mute: Hounds, Hares

Nest: Rabbits, Ants, Pheasants, Vipers, Snakes

Nide: Pheasants, Geese

Nursery: Trees, Shrubs

Nye: Trees, Shrubs, Pheasants

Obeisance: Servants

Obstinacy: Buffalo

Ostentation: Peafowl

Pack: Hounds, Dogs, Playing Cards, Grouse, Mules, Wolves

Pace: Ass, Donkeys

Paddling: Ducks (on water)

Panel: Jurymen

Pandemonium: Devils, Parrots

Parcel: Deer (hinds), Penguins

Parade: Elephants

Parcel: Bachelors

Parliament: Owls, Rooks

Party: Jays

Pencil Rays

Pile: Books, Wood

Pit: Vipers, Snakes

Pitying: Doves

Plump: Birds (of wild fowl), Ducks (in flight), Woodcock

Pod: Whales, Seals, Walrus, Birds

Pontification: Priests

Prettying: Doves

Pride: Lions, Peafowl

Prudence: Vicars

Puddling: Mallards (on water)

Quarrel: Sparrows

Rabble: Men (ill-Bred And ill-Clad)

Raffle: Turkeys

Raft: Coots, Logs, Teal, Turkeys

Rafter: Turkeys

Race/Rag/Rake: Horse (of colts), Mules

Rookery: Rooks, Seals, Penguins

Rope: Onions

Rouleau: Money

Rout: Wolves

Ruck: Coal

Safe: Ducks

Sault: Lions

School: Whales, Porpoises

Scourge: Mosquitoes

Sedge/Sege: Herons, Cranes, Bitterns

Set: China, Articles

Sheaf: Arrows

Shoal: Mackerel, Fish

Shock: Hair, Corn

Shrewdness: Apes

Siege: Cranes, Herons, Bitterns

Singular: Boars

Skein: Ducks, Thread, Geese (in flight)

Skulk: Foxes, Thieves

Sloth: Bears

Smuck, Smack: Jellyfish

Sord: Mallards

Sounder/Sownder: Swine, Boar, Swans, Pigs

Sowse: Lions

Spring: Teal

Span: Mules

Squadron: Swans

Stable: Horses

Stack: Corn, Hay, Wood

Staff: Servants

Stalk: Foresters

Stand: Flamingoes

Stare: Owls

String: Horses

Stud: Mares

Suit: Clothes, Sails

Suite: Rooms

Sute: Mallards (on land)

Swarm: Bees, Locusts, Flies

Tabernacle: Bakers

Take: Fish

Team: Oxen, Horses, Animals, Ducklings, Seals

Tiding: Magpies

Tittering: Magpies

Trace: Hares, Monkeys

Trembling: Finches

Tribe: Goats, Sparrows

Trimming: Finches

Trip: Hares, Sheep, Goats

Troop: Antelopes, Baboons, Monkeys, Horse, Kangaroos, Lions

Troubling: Goldfinches, Hummingbirds

Turmoil: Porpoises

Turn: Turtles

Unemployment: Graduates

Unkindness: Ravens

Volary: Birds

Volley: Birds

Walk: Snails, Snipe

Watch: Nightingales

Wedge: Swans

Whack: Spoils

Whisper: Snipe

Whiteness: Swans

Wilderness: Monkeys

Wing: Plovers

Wisp: Snipe

Yoke: Oxen

Zeal: Zebras