Attraction Signs

Miles of smiles

Get grinning If you want to interest someone across a crowded room, first make sure you are established chatting with your most amusing pals. Each time you smile at their wit, catch the eye of the person you want to attract at the same time. They'll be unconsciously attracted to your smiles and want to come over and join in the fun.

Body moves

Men like to be approached from the side and women prefer to be approached from the front. Lean in towards the person and, if they like you, they will also lean towards you. Start to mirror some of their movements; pick up your drink at the same time, cross or uncross your legs as they do. If they respond in turn, the message may be mutual.

Eye eye

Lingering looks make the world go round. When chatting, we tend to keep our eyes on the speaker and then look away before starting to talk. Each time the talking changes from the other person to you, hold their gaze for as long as you dare before looking away. Shortsighted women are on to a winner because they appear to men to be gazing into their eyes, when in fact it's just a spot of myopia. Dilated pupils suggest you fancy someone, so keep the lights low but don't be deceived by someone else's dark deep eyes; their pupils may be dilated just because they are tired or drunk.

Sounds good

The art of sounding attractive is to speak softly and lower your voice as much as possible, to warm the tone. Sit down if you can so that your voice is more relaxed, but don't lean back, as this changes your tone too much. Men should make their voices as musical as possible, using as varied a range of notes as they can, whereas women have to try not to squeal.

Silent signals

Scents can stun but may mask natural animal attraction. The most mysterious sex signals are our pheromones, which somehow waft through the air. They may be produced from the armpits and are subtle enough to be masked by deodorants, so it's a fine line between sexual attraction and being simply smelly. Decisions, decisions