Hangovers (causes and remedies)

Causes of hangovers.

    • ADH (Anti Diuretic Hormone) production is reduced (Water loss, dehydration)
    • Congeners (Byproducts of fermentation) are formed, toxins
    • Headache is due to drying out effect on brain tissue toxins in drink
    • Insulin production stimulated, reduced blood glucose = Drowsiness, Faintness, Trembling. Hunger
    • Tiredness is due to less restfull sleep low blood sugar
    • Because body's cells are dehydrated, acid-base metabolism is altered
    • Alcohol upsets bodys metabolism and causes rise in stomach blood acidity
    • Nausea indigestion is due to alcohol irritating stomach lining increased acidity.


    • Sleep as long as possible
    • Drink loads of water before bed or during the night
    • Dioralyte oral rehydration salts or antacid
    • Avoid caffeine, diuretic, will dehydrate you further will upset stomach
    • Vigorous exercise before bed or the next day (Long drunken walk)
    • Have a Paracetamol before going to bed or during the night (less damaging to stomach than aspirin)
    • Prairie Oyster drink (Raw egg, Lemon Juice, Pepper Worcester Sauce)
    • Don't have "Hair of the dog" the next morning
    • Roche Berrocca B-Vitamins the next morning
    • Fizzy drinks such as Alka Seltzer or Resolve
    • Brush teeth vigorously, also roof of mouth and scrape tongue
    • Take six Evening Primrose Oil capsules before drinking, or when you arrive home
    • Herb silymarin, boosts liver's capability of degrading alcohol

Drinks renowned for Congeners (toxins causing hangovers)

(from worst to least)

    • Brandy
    • Dark Rum
    • Red Wine
    • Port
    • Sherries
    • Vermouth
    • Beer
    • Whisky
    • Gin
    • White wine
    • Lager
    • Vodka

(The darker and sweeter the drink, the more likely it is to cause a hangover)