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Musical Note Value

In music notation, a note value indicates the relative duration of a note, using the color or shape of the note head, the presence or absence of a stem, and the presence or absence of flags/beams/hooks/tails.

rest indicates a silence of an equivalent duration.

Note Rest American name British name Value
Music-octwholenote.svg Maxima rest.svg large, duplex longa, or maxima 8
Longa.gif Longa rest.svg long or longa 4
Breve.gif Breve rest.svg double whole note, double note breve 2
Whole note.gif Whole rest.svg whole note semibreve 1
Half note.gif Half rest.svg half note minim 1/2
Quarter note.gif Crotchet rest alt plain-svg.svg or Crotchet rest plain-svg.svg quarter note crotchet 1/4
Eighth note.gif Eighth rest.svg eighth note quaver 1/8
Sixteenth note.gif 16th rest.svg sixteenth note semiquaver 1/16
32nd note.svg 32nd rest.svg thirty-second note demisemiquaver 1/32
64th note.svg 64th rest.svg sixty-fourth note hemidemisemiquaver 1/64
128th note.gif 128th rest.svg hundred twenty-eighth note semihemidemisemiquave (rare) 1/128
Semigarrapatea.svg Silencio de semigarrapatea.svg two hundred fifty-sixth note demisemihemidemisemiquaver (rare) 1/256